Here’s a snippet from my upcoming audiobook for “Stone Motel.”

The main recording work for the audiobook for “Stone Motel – Memoirs of a Cajun Boy” is done. There is some technical work to complete, but I am hopeful it will be ready some time in July. In the meantime, here is a snippet. Featured image: “Eliza’s Beauty Shop,” acrylic on canvas, by Morris Ardoin….

Un Petit Glossaire Cajun

The Cajun language is a mixture of ancient and modern French, some Franglais, as well as many words that are unique to the region of Louisiana where our Canadian ancestors originally settled. My new book, “Stone Motel – Memoirs of a Cajun Boy,” has lots of words and phrases whose meanings might prove a little…

‘Coonass Kandinsky’ Cornbread

Side dish or main course? The only correct answer is, “Both.” When my parents were kids during the Great Depression, cornbread was usually the main event – breakfast, lunch, or supper. Momma said she took cornbread to school for lunch pretty regularly. When it wasn’t cornbread, it was most likely Bouillie au Lait, another Depression…

New Reading: Popeye’s in the Oven

I read from the final chapter of my book. Spoiler alert: In this chapter we walk through the house at the Stone Motel, after a 30-year occupancy by the Ardoin family. You may wish to hold off on seeing this video until you’ve finished the book.

New Video: Meet the Stone Motel “Regulars”

In this reading from “Stone Motel,” we get to meet some pretty interesting (and entertaining) regular customers. Here’s where you can buy the book: University Press of Mississippi Amazon Independent Bookstores Barnes & Noble 

Cakeover! Glorious Pink Grapefruit Cake

You may have heard by now that I’m in the midst of promoting my book, so I’ve been a bit negligent of my food-making blog entries. Well, today I’m rectifying that (if only temporarily) with the newest recipe: My Glorious Pink Grapefruit Cake! The inspiration for this cake comes from those lemon and lime cakes…

Y’all ready for another reading from Uncle Moe?

Y’all come quick, my little sweet potato nom-noms! Here’s the second reading from my book, “Stone Motel – Memoirs of a Cajun Boy.” Here’s where you can get the book: Independent Bookstores Barnes & Noble University Press of Mississippi Amazon  C’est tout! M © All Rights Reserved

Gather ’round, y’all. Uncle Moe’s fixin’ to read from his book!

If you’re hanging out this Good Friday all alone or with your family in sequester, hopefully eating fried catfish and/or boiled crawfish to commemorate the day – then you’ll probably want to finish that first. BUT then, surely, you’ll be needing a nice nap-time story to help you doze off. Well, below is the first…

It’s here!

Late yesterday afternoon we got a delivery of three boxes from UPS. I assumed they were for a friend who has things shipped to us because where he lives is so remote, the delivery people can’t find him. So, being compliant with the Covid-19 recommendations for safety, I asked the delivery guy to just leave…

Where to pre-order “Stone Motel”???

Since it became available for pre-order, several people have purchased my upcoming book, “Stone Motel – Memoirs of a Cajun Boy” (expected delivery April 2020 from the University Press of Mississippi). To be quite uncharacteristically sincere about it, I am humbled and grateful, and more than a bit fixed in a state of suspended belief….

We’ve landed in 1974, Baby!

My book “Stone Motel: Memoirs of a Cajun Boy” (University Press of Mississippi, Spring 2020) takes place in the early-to-mid-1970s. From the first pages, I give the reader a sense of place (a little roadside motel in Cajun Louisiana), and for context, a sense of time: This was all before widespread access to cable television,…

It’s cher, y’all, not ‘sha’.

Even though French is the language associated with Louisiana’s Cajuns, many modern-day Cajuns (myself included) did not fully learn the language until they were exposed to it formally in junior high and/or high school. For me, it was in “Madame” Connie Larson’s French classes at Eunice High School where I finally learned how to read…