The Comfort Only a Good Pooch Can Provide

I mentioned last time that I have dedicated my upcoming book to Moby, our sweet, rust-coated vizsla, who left us two summers ago. His passing ranks as one of the very hardest things I’ve had to endure. At the time of his death, I wrote a note that we shared with our friends, essentially saying that our wonderful pooch had “taught us how to be … Continue reading The Comfort Only a Good Pooch Can Provide

Where to pre-order “Stone Motel”???

Since it became available for pre-order, several people have purchased my upcoming book, “Stone Motel – Memoirs of a Cajun Boy” (expected delivery April 2020 from the University Press of Mississippi). To be quite uncharacteristically sincere about it, I am humbled and grateful, and more than a bit fixed in a state of suspended belief. Part of the writing experience necessarily includes the selling experience. … Continue reading Where to pre-order “Stone Motel”???

How’s this for a book jacket blurb?

In April, when I converted my old newsletter (Parenthetically Speaking) into this blog, I announced that the University Press of Mississippi (UPM) will be publishing my memoir next year. At the time, the title of my book was “The Canasta Summers – Memoirs of a Cajun Boy.” This was the only title I’ve ever considered for this book because the story covers a period of … Continue reading How’s this for a book jacket blurb?