This day is always hard.

Yesterday I was at our upstate supermarket in Cairo, New York, and there was Mother’s Day stuff everywhere. I told the lady at the register “Happy Mother’s Day if you’re a mom.” She said, “Yes, I am, and thank you.” I then told the bag boy to be good to his mom, because she won’t always be around. He smiled and nodded.

Eliza Mae Thompson, my momma, would have been 93 this year. Before she died suddenly on May 4, 1989, I had envisioned her living with me at one time or another in her retirement. She didn’t make it past 63. I’m now only a few years from that age (which is freaky, honestly). For me, the lesson of her early, unfathomable death was to not take anyone, or any of my remaining days, for granted. In the blur of our lives, that’s not always so easy to do.

Momma, School Days
Eliza Mae Thompson, School Days, Ville Platte, Louisiana

The photo posted here is from her school days. I love that grin. When people say I look like her (we all do), it’s the most flattering thing, because her “look,” for me, is all in those smiling eyes. When I’m down, I try to think of her, to keep mine smiling as well.

Love you big-big, Momma.

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6 thoughts on “This day is always hard.

  1. This has been long and coming…your Louisiana Life. So happy to be a part of it and so happy you got it off and running! Happy Mother’s Day!

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  2. Love the sentiments and I feel the same way. I lost 4 family members in a 14 month span ending with my mom back in 2007 and it changed how I live my life. Live each day to the fullest especially in your personal life and don’t let work intrude on what’s really important! Can’t wait to read your book!

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    1. Thank you, Todd! It’s an old cliche for a reason: LIFE IS SHORT!!!! – but we tend to allow ourselves to forget that so often. You are right on: We must must must pinch ourselves when things are getting out of hand and pull ourselves back into what’s important! xoxo!


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