Waltz of the Souls

Growing up, I wrote poetry long before I wrote prose. I don’t do it so much any more, but every now and then something happening in the world at large, or at small, inspires me to write a poem. This one came because of the tentative joy I felt when I became a full citizen of my country – when marriage for people like me convincingly became part of our emotional vocabulary. For the first time in our lives.

(I intended to read this at my wedding celebration, but people were hungry so I kept it in my pocket.)

Waltz of the Souls

Standing opposites

in this great Great Room,


for each other’s hand. 

Glances bounce,

heads bow,


Rise and Fall.

Smiles guarded,

rise and fall.

Polished shoes, twisting.

Will he who dare move

suffer the spurn?

Or will both be engulfed, 

and lifted onto the floor

to revel


in this madness?

Are we?

Are we?  


of this 

grand promenade? 

As all the world

dances round,

Rise and Fall, rise and fall.

Laughing, loving, living.




One two three, 

one two three.

Anxious, stubborn. 

Will neither of us


to a force 

stronger than both?

But suddenly, 


like a step in this waltz,

I love you! escapes,

and expands this great room.

Though no touch,

no taste,

no scent


this fine tune,

Those words


These hearts.

And our souls have gone dancing!


© All Rights Reserved

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