The Maid turns 100!

Evangeline Maid turns 100.

My Eunice Junior and then Senior High School chum Marc Andrepont passed this excellent article on to me this morning, so I figured you’d want to be in the know as well (these things are important!) Interesting tidbits of history about my family’s favorite white bread.


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2 thoughts on “The Maid turns 100!

  1. Moe, remember the peanut butter and syrup mixture we used to chomp on after school? Also the cases of campbell soup.
    We much have been expensive to feed.
    How about moma’s syrup pie? Remember that? That was my fav. I have the recipe documented. Let me know if you need a copy.

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    1. Yes! All those 10-cents cans of soup from the Winn Dixie 10-cents sales – momma would have to lock the cans in the office so we wouldn’t eat them all. You gave me the syrup pie recipe – so I have that somewhere. I’m gonna have to make it and put it up on the blog! Slllurrrrrrrrrp!!!


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