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I’m just warming up – these first five videos – each a reading from my new book, “Stone Motel – Memoirs of a Cajun Boy,” are only the beginning. I plan to add videos to accompany the recipes I feature here on in (Parenthetically Speaking).

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C’est tout!


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5 thoughts on “Video Ya-ya! Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for all Stone Motel readings.

  1. Bought your book last Tuesday and finished it last Saturday. If there weren’t so many things going on I would have read that book right on through after starting it. Being from Southwest La. I loved reading about a time I can relate to. You did an awesome job with describing our Cajun culture. The dialect was so easy to hear as I read, especially when reading your Memere’ s story. The love you had for her shows through your words. I recommended this book on FB to so many of my friends. My excitement of how good it is was so apparent by all who asked me about it. Thanks for bringing me back to a time I long for even through the bad times I’d still want to go back. Can’t wait to read more by you. Grew up just down Hwy 190 west of Eunice in Kinder,La.

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  2. Ordered your book and watching every video I can find. It’s like reliving my childhood in Eunice. So thought provoking. Thank you.

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    1. Hey, Rhonda!!! So nice to reconnect with you after all these decades! I love that you are reliving your Eunice childhood – that is actually not as scary as it might seem! Thanks for your wonderful comments! M


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