Here’s a snippet from my upcoming audiobook for “Stone Motel.”

The main recording work for the audiobook for “Stone Motel – Memoirs of a Cajun Boy” is done. There is some technical work to complete, but I am hopeful it will be ready some time in July. In the meantime, here is a snippet.

Featured image: “Eliza’s Beauty Shop,” acrylic on canvas, by Morris Ardoin.

Video intro music by Isadar. (

C’est tout!


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8 thoughts on “Here’s a snippet from my upcoming audiobook for “Stone Motel.”

  1. OMG, I really must get the audio book, just to hear the music and your voice. It’s like being across the table from you, Morris, listening to you telling stories. (I hate audio books, as a general rule. I’m a dead-tree-and-ink person.)

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    1. Well – you’ve already got the dead tree version – so you might as well get the digital (no kill) version! We listen to audiobooks in the car because we (when not under Covid) typically travel several hours each week – going back and forth to the mountains from the city. ANWYAY as always, thank you for your endless encouragement, Tante Val!!!!


  2. Where will we be able to get the audiobook when it’s done? Because I’m old and Southern, I will avail myself of the speed control and s-l-o-w you down! You “young” Yankee people talk too fast! People keep coming up to me to talk about your book. The response must be soooooo gratifying! Love you! Susan

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