Spoke by Spoke

In this episode of Queer Voices I talk to Dr. Terry Chase about her book Spoke by Spoke – How a Broken Back and a Broken Bike Led to a WholeHearted Life, released in 2021 by Push On Press. You can find the interview here.

About the Author

Terry Chase, ND, MA, RN, CEIP-Ed, is dedicated to health, growth & learning. She has a deep and multi-faceted background of advanced education and hands-on experience in healthcare, education, and professional development. A professional coach and speaker offering keynotes, experiential workshops and break-out sessions in communication, team skill and education practices, as well as coaching programs to develop extraordinary leaders. To learn more visit www.DrTerryChase.com.

About the Book

Spoke by Spoke takes the reader on one woman’s journey to reinvent herself following a hit and run accident which left her back broken, and her bike crumpled by a speeding motor vehicle. The stories Terry shares will take you from the depths of despair and edges of darkness to bringing you up with her amazing spirit of perseverance and resilience. This book is not a how-to manual for facing the challenges of life but rather an inspirational guide for living a whole-hearted life no matter what hand someone is dealt.

C’est tout!


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Morris Ardoin’s book, STONE MOTEL – MEMOIRS of a CAJUN BOY can be purchased through the publisher, on the independent bookseller website Indibound, or on AmazonBarnes & Noble, and other booksellers, and is also available as an audiobook on Audible. Look for the paperback version in 2024!

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