There’s gonna be a book!

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There’s a lot of canasta-playing in the book. In Canasta, the Three of Hearts is a blessing. Or a curse.

Yep! After a lot of back and forth, it looks like my book, Stone Motel – Memoirs of a Cajun Boy, will be published in 2020. No firm date yet, but according to the University Press of Mississippi, the process (which just began in earnest in late April – after I submitted my final, revised manuscript, photos, bio info, and other goodies) will take about 12 months – so I’m thinking May or June 2020! I’m pleased and relieved (the book-publishing business is hard stuff).

The Stone Motel, Eunice, Louisiana (from a postcard, circa 1950).

The book is about my siblings Gilda, Glenda, and Dickie, and me, helping run our family’s little motel in Eunice, Louisiana in the late nineteen sixties to mid-nineteen seventies. When we were not cleaning rooms, cutting acres of grass, or folding piles of sheets and towels for the motel rooms, we played Canasta, which helped us stay out of the sun and away from our mercurial father. We also amused ourselves with lots of other games, including Monopoly (the lead image in this post shows homemade “Chance” and “Community Chest” cards.)

I can’t reveal too much more than that at this point, but I will be able to add supporting stories and recipes of some of the food (there’s lots of it!) mentioned in the book, as well as other tidbits from those years (and stuff from my current life in New York), right here on the blog – so plan to follow along!

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