It’s here!

Late yesterday afternoon we got a delivery of three boxes from UPS. I assumed they were for a friend who has things shipped to us because where he lives is so remote, the delivery people can’t find him. So, being compliant with the Covid-19 recommendations for safety, I asked the delivery guy to just leave the boxes outside by the kitchen door. And that’s where they sat for a couple of hours.

Later, when Aubyn decided to take one of the boxes inside to see if maybe it was something he’d ordered (he orders a lot), he commented that the box was unusually heavy, and it was addressed to me, not to him or our friend.

Cutting to the chase: it was a shipment of my personal supply of “Stone Motel – Memoirs of a Cajun Boy!” OMG OMG OMG!!!

Anyway, they are indeed being shipped now to people who ordered them via the publisher (University Press of Mississippi), Barnes & Noble, or from their local independent bookseller. (Amazon is not delivering books until their work getting Covid-19 supplies out slows down enough for them to handle nonessentials.)

A few moments after I opened the box.

Here’s a peek inside:

Chapter 1: Blue Barrette in a Puddle of Pee. At one time, I wanted to name the book this – memories are exactly like this – sweet (blue barrette) and, at the same time, often marred by sour (a puddle of pee). The memories in my book are no exception.
Momma and Alisa at the back door of our house at the motel.
Eliza Mae when she worked at G. Ardoin Department Store in Ville Platte, La.
Her business card for Eliza’s Beauty Shop.
Momma and her siblings, Uncles Pie and Florence.
DeJean and Ortense Thompson, my grandparents.
Ortense and DeJean’s wedding portrait.
Daddy as a teenager, breaks a horse in Tate Cove, La.
Me in my First Communion gown.
Dickie, Scotty, and me outside the motel office.
Momma and Daddy’s wedding portrait.
In addition to Canasta, my siblings and I played a lot of Monopoly. But we had our own names for the properties.

C’est tout!


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6 thoughts on “It’s here!

  1. Finished reading your book. Thank you for sharing parts of your life with us. I think we can all identify in a lot of ways. Especially with our MawMaws and PawPaws who taught us so much about life…loved that you added the Cajun French sayings…I could actually hear them talking as I read!

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  2. Morris, I was so excited when my daughter gave your book to me. I read in 48 hours. I laughed and I wept. I wept for a long, long time. I wished that we had confided to each other and we both had monster fathers reduced to nothing. I enjoyed so much. I wanted to hug you and tell how wonderful people think you are….and you don’t know it.
    I knew you had a book in you. A beautiful, heart-rending, masterpiece.
    And the best capturing of the soul of the Cajun. The absolute best

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    1. Cindi! I am just seeing this note from you NOW. Sorry for the late acknowledgement. Nonetheless, THANK YOU so much for your amazing comments!! You’ve got me all choked up! LOVE YOU!!!


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