Gather ’round, y’all. Uncle Moe’s fixin’ to read from his book!

If you’re hanging out this Good Friday all alone or with your family in sequester, hopefully eating fried catfish and/or boiled crawfish to commemorate the day – then you’ll probably want to finish that first. BUT then, surely, you’ll be needing a nice nap-time story to help you doze off. Well, below is the first installment of a series of virtual readings I’ll be doing in the coming weeks from my book, “Stone Motel – Memoirs of a Cajun Boy.” I’m not used to being the guy on camera – so please bear with me.

Oh, and it would be great if you could help me get this out into the wider universe by sharing the link with all and sundry (especially sundry!).

And here are the links to places you can buy the book:

Independent Bookstores 
Barnes & Noble 
University Press of Mississippi 

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C’est tout!


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9 thoughts on “Gather ’round, y’all. Uncle Moe’s fixin’ to read from his book!

      1. Awesome Morris! Enjoyed it & cant wait to get the book! Congratulations & keep us posted if you get to come home soon for a visit!! I have recently moved back near “The Stone Motel”. I pass it everyday. It’s still in operation & has a little campground with it too. Very nice! Take Care!!

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      2. Hey, Jodie!!! So nice to hear from you, and thank you! Hope you enjoy the book (Barnes and Nobel in Laffy has it – with curbside pickup – if you call them – so you can get it sooner than waiting for delivery). Take care and stay healthy!!!


  1. I enjoyed the reading Morris, you’ve done a magical job at capturing how wonderful your Grandparents were, I felt like I was there. You and I graduated together, Sheila Cormier. Look forward to your next reading. I will order your book as well. Take care and stay healthy in the scary Covid time

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