Y’all ready for another reading from Uncle Moe?

Y’all come quick, my little sweet potato nom-noms! Here’s the second reading from my book, “Stone Motel – Memoirs of a Cajun Boy.”

Please help me spread the word about my book by sharing this video! Thank you all!

Here’s where you can get the book:

Independent Bookstores 
Barnes & Noble 
University Press of Mississippi 

Our house at the Stone Motel. White “stone” facade. Italian slate shingles, gables, wrought iron touches, and a neon “Office” sign.

C’est tout!


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7 thoughts on “Y’all ready for another reading from Uncle Moe?

  1. Mais, I remember that car so well! We were stylin!!! I think it burned lots of gas. lol
    Thanks for my copy of the book! I think I’ll read it a second time in case I missed something.
    Love you big big

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  2. Good afternoon, Mr. Ardoin.
    My momma read an article about your book in the Lake Charles American Press and insisted that I order it for her right away. You know better than to argue with your momma, so she will be getting in the mail next week. 🙂 Her mother was from the Eunice area (maiden name Courville), and momma remembers this hotel from when they went to visit relatives. We live in Iowa, La.
    I enjoyed your reading of chapter 4. It is very detailed and descriptive; excellent for painting a picture in the minds of readers. It is good to hear that you haven’t lost your cajun accent which grows appropriately heavy when reading dialogue from your dad. Love it. Take care of yourself. Stay safe. Stay healthy. —- Charla Arabie

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    1. Hi, Ms. Arabie! Thank you so much for writing! And a special thank you for your kind words on my reading of the chapter! I do my best to capture the people in the story – some better than others – but all the same, I appreciate your encouragement! And tell your momma for me I appreciate her interest in my book as well! Take care! – Morris


  3. Memories! Well done Morris Ardoin!
    I enjoyed your reading of chapter 4.
    Interesting to learn about the purchase of The Stone Motel in your young life and why y’all moved away from our neighborhood.
    I have never been in The Stone Motel but you’re first visit of your new home’s description of the inside was vivid. Thanks for sharing! Congratulations again on your new book. Looking forward to seeing you if the
    😡Coronavirus🥵 doesn’t stop your book signing in Eunice. Hope you are well and can avoid the virus. 🙏🏻✝️🙏🏻

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